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Living from above
Boek kaft: Living from above
Prijs: € 14,95
ISBN: 978-90-6318-624-1
Pagina's: 254
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This book demonstrates a lifestyle in which Jesus is central.
The author shows how by attaching yourself to Him, you
become increasingly fi lled with the Spirit. Since in this way
Jesus can work from within you, it leads to the manifestation
and recognition of Christ in your life.
Life in the Spirit challenges us to an adventure because it
is so surprisingly opposite to what is generally the norm
within our Christian world. This is not a way of assignments,
methods, standards, and criteria. On the contrary.
It is a life in the freedom of the Spirit, a life that brings you
out into a broad place within the Spirit, a life in which your
own identity can bloom and in which Jesus can be followed
without any inhibitions. It ends up being a life saturated by
love from Above.
In an enthusiastic way, with practical examples, the author
describes what it means to live by the Spirit of Christ. This
book incites and inspires us to walk that way from Above

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