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Paradox in Christian Theolgy
An Analysis of Its Presence, Character, and Epistemic Status
Boek kaft: Paradox in Christian Theolgy
Prijs: € 44,50
ISBN: 978-18-42274-62-0
Pagina's: 328
Afmeting: 149x20x226 mm
Gewicht: 503
Taal: Engels
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How can Jesus be fully human and fully divine? How can God be ThreeinOne? James Anderson develops and defends a model of understanding paradoxical Christian doctrines according to which the presence of such doctrines is unsurprising and adherence to paradoxical doctrines can be entirely reasonable. As such, the phenomenon of theological paradox cannot be considered as a serious intellectual obstacle to belief in Christianity. The case presented in this book has significant implications for the practice of systematic theology, biblical exegesis, Christian apologetics and philosophy.

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