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Knowing the Holy Spirit throught the old testament
Boek kaft: Knowing the Holy Spirit throught the old testament
Prijs: € 13,95
ISBN: 978-18-54247-02-5
Pagina's: 160
Afmeting: 198x131x13mm
Gewicht: 178gram
Taal: Engels
Bijbelstudie Dit boek Levertijd 2 a 3 weken
The Holy Spirit appears in Genesis 2.2, hovering over the face of the waters like an eagle, poised and alert for action.
He is the One through Whom God speaks the world into existence. Moment by moment the life of earth is sustained by the power of the Spirit.

The Spirit is the agent of creation. He empowers His people; He inspires the prophets and the revelation of God's word; He anoints with authority those leaders like King David, and fosters the expectation of a coming Anointed One; above all He instils an expectation of a period of blessing and the outpouring of the Spirit.

Get to know the Holy Spirit as He appears in the Old Testament, in this wonderful book from the Rev. Dr. Chris Wright.

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